Is My Nutrition The Cause ???

Is My Nutrition The Cause ???

I am new here, and thought this may be the correct area to post in. About 3 months ago, I went to the doctor cause my hair and nails are snapping/breaking/falling out. I had no idea what is causing this, except I knew something was wrong cause this has NEVER happened in my 30 years of life. Blood work was fine except my ‘Ferratin’ was a low. I have been on suppliments for over a month now, and If I knew any better, I would say its getting worse. I have been known to eat ‘Mall Food’ at least 5-8 times a week for about 8 years now, as I work as a manager in a mall. Subway, pizza, Mcdonalds (occasionally) …. I thought I was getting what I was supposed to get in nutriets but Iam convinced my problems are nutritional. My calcium came back fine. So I am wondering what I could lack that would cause these problems. I have been taking Protein shakes, Biotin, Fish Oil and Amino Acids as well for the last month. Apparently I dont eat a lot of iron, hense the deficiency. I drink in moderation, 3-6 beers a week. Don’t smoke, 5’1, 108 lbs. I exercise when I can, but keep an active life. Don’t smoke. I am always tired, and I am scared. I see no one that looks like me (their hair) and wonder what I could be lacking that would cause so much distress on my hair and nails. I know its nutritional, I do not process my hair (or nails) … I just don’t know why I am being so severly affected. Any ideas ??

Thyroid, Hormones are fine. Its my nails too. No scalp problems. No lupus. No infections.

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It really sounds like your thyroid to me.Have your Dr check that,it could also be the first stages of perimenopause.I know you are young,but mine started at around 30 as well.Are your periods regular?If I were you I would start taking a turkey sandwich and a salad or fruit to lunch-it is better for you and cheaper.Also drink lots of water.Water makes you feel so much better.Eat some form of protein with your meals(turkey,fish,etc)and you should improve.GOD-bless

I agree it sounds like you might have a thyroid problem. Some people are very sensitive to small changes in thyroid hormones. Common symptoms include weight gain, feeling cold, constipation, dry skin and hair. The recommended treatment is a synthetic thyroxine pill. I would suggest seeing a specialists. If you believe this may be a nutritional factor I would suggest looking into a women’s supplement package that I’ve been using that contains 4 vitamins (1) omega 3, (2)hair, skin and nail supplement, (3) multivitamin and (4) calcium. My fiance currently takes something called “The Perfect Pack” in which he received feedback on the nutrients that his body lacks and they put together a personalized daily vitamin pack for you. It’s pretty cool and we are pleased with the results. I hope this helps you out somewhat. I would definitely recommend taking the health assessment in the meantime. As for being tired you can check out this on the link below: RHODIOLA. It is a arctic herb that increases physical endurance and will help maintain your energy without giving you that “crashing feeling” when its out of your system. Take care and best wishes.

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